I work with shapes and color, and my work is inspired by nature, and the world around me, I enjoy painting and drawing. Also, taking photographs, I often use my photos to paint pictures either with oils, watercolors, pastels, and also, I paint pottery and I make pots so I can paint on them. Each work is an original work and I do not work as a production potter. My pots are unique and can be used either for cooking, serving or just on display of a shelf. I have been working as an artist for so many years, I have enjoyed all the different methods to paint and draw, each are so delightful and it makes such a exciting end results, I just never get tired of them I just enjoy using each of the different materials and it really inspires me. I also donate my work to wonderful causes in Chicago area.

Example of work

Zig Zag sunflowers
Garden in the summer time

Silver pears

My statement of work.